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About Us

Company 3M Ltd. was established in 1991 as a trading company and has since become the leading company in the Croatian water treatment market.

The operations, projects, products, and services of 3M Ltd. are focused on achieving customer satisfaction and adding value to their production and business processes. Leveraging the knowledge and experience gained through years of work in the water treatment market, we propose and implement the most optimal technological solutions as powerful means of improvement and economization of business processes. We prioritize safety, simplicity, functionality, and accessibility of our products and services, ensuring maximum value for the investments made.

We strive to enhance all areas of our business by setting high standards, fostering a motivating work environment based on trust and teamwork, with clearly defined responsibilities.

Employee personal development, continuous improvement of internal processes and collective efforts, and open communication with employees and clients are the foundations on which we build our future.



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