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Corporate social responsibility

Strategies that 3M puts into action as part of corporate governance are designed to ensure the company’s operations are ethical and beneficial for society. By pracitcing corporate social responsibility, 3M operates in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner. We are proud that our philanthropic responsibility includes donating to causes, and supporting community beautification projects.


Since its establishment in 1991, the 3M company has constant growth and is one of the leading companies in Velika Gorica, as well as the leader in the field of water treatment in the Republic of Croatia. This corporate success results in a social responsibility and goes beyond business: it helps the firm provide opportunities and support good causes in the community.

A few years before corporate social responsibility (CSR) became an active working point for many companies all over the world, 3M Ltd. was already working on this quite intensively and was one of the first companies in Croatia to receive the status of ‘pioneer in CSR’. For many years, by supporting numerous activities, we have applied a socially responsible way of doing business. With financial resources, we support the development of the community where we operate and live.

Year after year, we increase the standards of environmental protection, social development, and respect for human rights. In our daily business, this means that we apply the highest standards of responsibility towards our employees, support their continuous education, and constant professional development, as well as take care of their health. Based on high-level standards, our socially responsible business helps 3M to be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.


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