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Disinfection with chlorine dioxide


Chlorine dioxide is highly reactive compound. Thus, it cannot be stored, but has to be manufactured on site in special devices according to the needs. Chlorine dioxide offers many advantages over water disinfection with chlorine, which is still widely used. This agent disinfects regardless of the pH. It has a very good sustained-release effect and remains active in the pipes for anything from many hours to several days, and acts as long-term water preservative. The disinfecting power of chlorine dioxide is always able to develop in full because it does not react with ammonia or ammonium.

The chlorination of water can produce chlorophenols and other strongly smelling compounds. This is not the case with chlorine dioxide. Trihalomethanes (THMs) and other cancerous chlorinated hydrocarbons are also not formed.

Bacteria (such as legionella) naturally occurring within water systems strive to form a biofilm as the ideal condition for surviving and reproducing.

In all water systems, biofilms are formed. These are deposits on the walls of pipelines, which form an ideal habitat for dangerous microbes such as legionella. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide removes the biofilm and kills microorganisms in the pipeline.


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