No chemicals required

What a great idea: no chemicals to be transported and no need to store and handle hazardous substances. Instead: sophisticated systems use harmless sodium chloride – ordinary salt – to produce chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide solution.

It’s really very simple

Electrolysis is an economically viable and technically perfected alternative to the metering of sodium hypochlorite or other disinfectants. The chlorine generated from sodium chloride can either be metered into the water directly as hypochlorous acid (HOCl) or temporarily stored with the sodium hydroxide solution generated in the form of sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl), based on the type of device being used.

Such production methods, direct storage, and sodium hypochlorite dosage exclude accidental leakage during handling and contact with operating personnel.

3M electrolysis systems – we offer a range of solutions

  • Sodium hypochlorite production of solution that contains between 0.5%-0.8% chlorine
  • Sodium hypochlorite production of solution that contains between 2.0-2.5% chlorine
  • Hypochlorite acid production (chlorine gas)


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