UF systems are the right choice for removing suspended matter, particles and disagreeable microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites from raw water. They deliver consistent filtrate quality, even with temporary cloudiness or microbiological contamination following precipitation – without turbidity and free from pathogens.



The extremely tough capillary diaphragms of the UF systems are operated in line with the economical dead-end principle, reducing water and energy consumption to a minimum. Controlled by a PLC, the filtration system provides maximum flexibility and reliability in operation. UF cleaning is matched to the relevant raw water quality and can be supported by the optimum addition of chemicals if required.



The filtrate quality always remains consistent, regardless of how cloudy the raw water is. UF systems achieve very high retention rates for bacteria and viruses of 99.999 % and 99.99 % respectively. The economical dead-end operation keeps energy and water consumption to a minimum. The fully automated system control with the integration of pre- and post-treatment ensures maximum operating reliability. Our systems are designed to be compact enough to fit easily in existing plant rooms or a container.


Model Produced water quantity at 15 °C


The backwash cycle water volume



sirova vode / filtrat




L x W x H


3M UF 1 5 – 9 0.17 1 ½“ / 1 ½“ 1200 x 920 x 2100
3M UF 5 25 – 45 0.85 DN80 / DN80 2000 x 920 x 2100
3M UF 10 50 – 90 1.7 DN125 / DN125 2500 x 920 x 2100
3M UF 20 100 – 180 3.4 DN200 / DN200 3900 x 920 x 2100
3M UF 50 250 – 450 8.5 DN300 / DN300 5200 x 1500 x 2100
3M UF 100 500 – 900 17 DN400 / DN400 2 jedinice

5200 x 1500 x 2100


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