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Water softeners

Water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Degrees of general hardness (dGH or °GH) is a unit of water hardness. The higher the degree of hardness, the lower the water quality.


Classification of water hardness A degree of General Hardness (dGH or ‘German degree (°dH, deutsche Härte)
Soft water <4odH
Moderate water 4o-11odH
Hard water 11o– 170dH
Very hard water >17odH


The ion exchange in water softening, is a process that involves the exchange of the hardness minerals in water, chiefly calcium and magnesium, for sodium minerals. The regeneration process uses a saturated solution, usually of sodium chloride.

When and why should you use water softener?

The water softener treatment improves the life of commercial or industrial equipment that handles water, giving optimal returns on your investment. It prevents limescale buildups in kettles, boilers, dishwasher, washing machines, pipelines etc. Thus, it reduces equipment maintenance costs and prolongs the service life of appliances.

Real world examples of using softened water:

  • laundry detergent reduction up to 40%

fabric softener isn’t needed in your wash. Softened water can help prolong your clothes’ lifespan

  • your glassware is sparkling, it doesn’t become cloudy from dried water droplets
  • cooked food tastes better, and hot drinks such as coffee and tea benefit from a very soft water that allows all of aromatics to shine through
  • bathing, showering or shaving doesn’t cause irritation or makes your skin sensitive
  • bathroom is spotlessly clean – dirt and limescale don’t stand a chance


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