Reliable dishwashing hygiene has always been a top priority in the gastronomy and hotel industry, in bakeries and butcheries – dishwashers need to ensure hygienic results every time. Hard water can also damage appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. Limescale builds up when hard water is heated, inhibiting heat transfer and hence decreasing the efficiency of the unit.
This can cause the heating element to burn out and the dishwasher could break down before it should.
At the same time, hard water reduces the effect of detergent and rinse aid. Aqua3m, therefore, recommends a water softener for water with hardness greater than 5°dH. For the softener to function optimally, it must be adjusted to the hardness of the water supply. The settings of the Aqua3m water softener are optimized for the dishwasher. The process of ion exchange in the dishwasher prevents limescale formation. Aqua3m water softening devices protect the dishwasher, reduce the possibility of interruptions during washing, and thus contribute to significant money savings.


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