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The duplex (double) water softener

3M DUPLEX WATER SOFTENER is suitable for continuous use processes. Softener columns work interchangeably. One column after regeneration goes in standby and continues filtration when second column switches to regeneration.

The flow of water to service is metered and when the first column reaches exhaustion the control valve automatically switches the service flow to the second column and then regenerates the first column. It is then put on standby until required again for service. The saturated ion mass in the first column is regenerated with salt solution and waits until the second column is saturated when the control valve automatically returns the process to the first column.

The most common application of such systems is in the preparation of water for steam hot water boilers, central heating and steam pipeline, cooling water (cooling towers), reverse osmosis, laundry services, car washing, the preparation of water in campsites and hotels as well as for industrial needs (food industry, beverage bottling plants, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry, electrical industry and others).

The double water softener consists of:

  • two fiber glass reinforced polyester vessels
  • a controller for the operation of the softener (time and volume)
  • a water softener resin with high-quality compounds
  • a brine tank (where the salt is stored)

The operation and regeneration of the softener is regulated automatically.



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