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3M has delivered another desalination system: a ready-to-use containerized seawater desalination system to produce potable water. They have the advantage of reduced floor space requirements and are easy to install.
Such systems are suitable for restricted areas, such as islands. This seawater desalination unit has been applied at one of the islands in Montenegro for potable water production with a capacity of 40 m3/day.

This desalination water supply system consists of 2 parallel facilities, each with a capacity of 1m3/h of potable water. The facilities can work independently. Individual components such as sand filters and others can also be combined and used to work in both production lines, which provides greater flexibility during service, maintenance, etc.

Each container is custom engineered – 3M can build a customized solution based on your requirements. You can select the layout, equipment, and appearance. Our skilled staff of engineers is well-versed in 3D modeling and can meet any design need.


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