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The group from Istria needs desalination of seawater with a capacity of 300 m3/h of drinking water.

The water will mainly be used for lawn watering.

The plant consists of a well water pump that fills the raw water reservoir; after chemical pretreatment, the water is distributed from the tank through the hydro station towards the sand filters where we remove solid particles and prepare water for reverse osmosis treatment.

The plant has reverse osmosis with a capacity of 300 m3/h. Reverse osmosis uses the latest technology for energy conservation that saves up to 50% of the energy needed to process seawater into drinking water.

This technology is based on the principle of transferring concentrate energy (pressure) to untreated seawater.

Reverse osmosis has an integrated system for rinsing and chemical cleaning.

To remineralise reverse osmosis water, water flows through remineralizer.

Water disinfection is imperative. Thus, this system uses a 3MPM3 disinfection dosing system.

The system uses devices for automated sampling and measurement of produced water properties, such as chlorine, pH, Rx, and others.



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